As part of my kinesiology practice (ok not a practice as much as a hobby right now), I help people with weight loss.  This consists of first doing physical syndrome testing to make sure there are no underlying physical problems that could hamper the weight loss.   If syndromes are found, I recommend supplements to be taken.

It is very important to identify sub-clinical syndromes that would directly affect the weight loss, such as:

1.  Slow Thyroid

2.Insulin resistance

3. Excess of cortisol hormone from stress

It is also important to identify any limiting beliefs that may exist around weight loss.  We identify these beliefs and clear them in the session. (Belief such as “I cannot reach my ideal weight”).

The weight loss protocol I use is homeopathic HCG drops and supplements together with the Dr Simeons VLC diet.

People have reported astounding weight losses on this diet and I’m currently assisting my first client with the process.

26 days in to the 40 day phase of the diet and my client is not losing as much weight as she did in the beginning.  We are stuck at 60kg, somedays she records just under, and other days just over 60kg.  This is quite demoralising for her.  There is a big however though – even though the weight is not coming down, she is losing massive amounts of cm.  During the last week of the weight not budging much, she lost a total of 12,5 cm – which I think is not bad at all!

What could be contributing to the weight not dropping off?

She is working out 3 times a week, so perhaps the fat is being converted to muscle.

In the first round we picked up an imbalance in the liver.  When I tested her after nearly a month on the supplements, I still picked up a problem.  I increased the dosage for the supplements and will continue to monitor.  I have done some research on the liver and fat burning – and it’s one of the main organs involved in fat burning.  Hence, it makes sense if the liver is not functioning at 100% then it’s probably impacting on the body’s fat burning capability.

She has lost 6.6kg to date and a whopping 62cm in total, which, in the grander scheme of things, is quite fabulous.  She feels a bit disappointed as the promise of 12kg in 40 days does not look like it’s going to happen for her, however, she says she is feeling much better than she was a month ago and she’s looking fantastic.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the next 10 days brings for her – I’m hoping for at least another 2kg.