What a profoundly powerful word this is. Peace … it is so much more than silence after the noise, more than a peace sign around ones neck or represented by a time gone by with hippies, VW beetles and flower power. More than rainbows, white doves and flashing peace signs while posing for photos in exotic locations.

Peace is more than this, but what is peace?


I’m not sure how to explain it… I don’t think that you can know peace until you have experienced it. Until you have felt a deep, deep sense of what can only be described as peace – you will know it when you feel it.

The word Peace, to me, used to mean quiet… you know as in “run along now and leave us in peace and quiet”… And yes, it does mean that, but it means so much more as well.. Peace is not only the absence of external noise. Peace, to me, is a feeling. Yes, it is an absence of the inner chatter, conflict and noise of the mind, but not only this. As much as it is a quieting down of the mind, it is also a feeling. A sense that everything is ok – this does not come from the mind but rather from a feeling, a feeling radiating from the heart space.

Peace is the absence of the clenching of the gut, or a racing heart, or ice cold rush of unexpected adrenalin – in response to a thought or a situation. The absence of the fear that can grip you when there is something within you that threatens to erupt that you are afraid of facing. When your head and your heart are at war with each other… Your heart desperately trying to bring to the surface what it knows needs to be felt – your head in denial that anything might be wrong, stubbornly refusing to look that way, needing to be strong but desperately afraid of the pain that may come out should it give space for the heart to be heard.

Peace can only come when your head and your heart come together, finally realising one is no good without the other. The head realises that the heart is not the enemy, that it is not there to trap you in all kinds of hurtful situations and that it doesn’t have to fiercely protect the heart from pain. The head finally concedes that the heart has so much more wisdom than the head can ever hold. The head has knowledge, but the heart, holds wisdom. The heart already knows that nothing would get done if not for the head. The heart also knows what needs to be done in order to heal, and the head needs to learn to step out of the way.

Only when a truce is called between the head and the heart, and only then I believe, can you know real peace – a deep, unshakable, undeniable sense of profound peace.

Peace: It doesn’t mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work; it means to be in the midst of these things and still be calm in your heart. Unknown.